Loop Energy eFlow fuel cells were debuted this month in the form of a 56-kilowatt range-extender (REX) power module for heavy-duty electric trucks. Loop was formed in 2000, but only turned toward commercializing its fuel cells four years ago.

The fuel-cell taxis provide a clean transportation solution for the city.

Volkswagen said it is “accelerating certain key development activities” and also stepping up the transition to series production of a fuel-cell vehicle.

General Motors developed a silent-running underwater hydrogen drone for the Navy and is unveiling, in October, a military fuel-cell pickup truck based on the midsized Chevrolet Colorado for Army testing.

Nikola is now saying that its electric drivetrain will be backed by a hydrogen fuel cell, not a natural gas tank.

Hydrogen-powered semi trucks with fuel cells on board have so far been mostly a future vision, but it remains a very viable concept.

Consider this proposition: zero-emissions ferry service for the Bay area.

Mahindra is considering real-world production of a zero-emissions supercar.

GM said it's working with the Navy to use automotive-grade fuel cells in submersible drones.

Both light and heavy trains can be powered by hydrogen instead of diesel or overhead-line electric.