Honda Clarity

The Honda Clarity checks every box you would expect from a spacious everyday commuter sedan.

The Honda Clarity Fuel Cell, now on sale in California, offers 68 MPGe combined and a $369 a month lease price--with $5,000 per year in free hydrogen included.

Under the joint venture Fuel Cell System Manufacturing, Honda and General Motors will each invest $42.5 million, hire 100 workers, and in 2020 begin producing the cells they developed at a GM factory in Michigan.

The vehicles will soon be delivered to customers in London and Copenhagen.

Fuel-cell cars are becoming the affordable choice, and low lease prices are combining with incentives to offset purchase and a host of perks--such as free fuel.

The Clarity Fuel Cell fits five passengers and can travel 366 miles on a single tank.

Honda has unveiled the production version of its fuel-cell car at the 44th Toyota Motor Show. Previously the FCV Concept, it’s now simply (and tentatively) the Clarity.The styling is distinctive, representing a toned-down version of the futuristic concept with a front-end treatment that’s well within the corporate...

Builder Jim Salomon of Newport Beach, California, the third person to lease a Honda FCX Clarity back in 2009, is still driving one—his third car—six years later. During a recent transition period while waiting for an FCX delivery, he deeply felt its absence—even though his garage also includes everything from a 1963...

In a run from about 2002 to 2008, Honda racked up an impressive list of firsts regarding hydrogen-powered vehicles. But in the past five years, the Japanese automaker has been relatively quiet regarding fuel cells. The hiatus—which roughly coincides with the emergence of battery-powered cars—ended in January 2015 with...