By 2032, says Information Trends, annual fuel-cell vehicle sales will reach five million, and 20 million will have been sold, generating as much as $1.2 trillion.

San Francisco will conduct training for hydrogen and fuel cell stakeholders in the region.

A green architect explains why his innovative designs are partially hydrogen powered.

In a speech to the SAE World Congress in Detroit April 14, Toyota Chairman Takeshi Uchiyamada—known as the father of the Prius—made a strong case for the hydrogen fuel-cell vehicle. “Toyota firmly believes the benefits of a hydrogen society are enormous for a healthy global environment,” he said. “That is why we are...

Jeremy Rifkin wrote the book—literally—on our hydrogen future.

Riversimple isn’t selling cars; it's a transportation service.

There’s mounting evidence that energy will not only be stored in batteries, but as gaseous hydrogen in tanks, on BMW’s i vehicles.

Germany is taking an early lead in ensuring that hydrogen refueling won’t be an issue.

Ed LaRocque is Toyota’s man on the ground, charged with getting the Mirai hydrogen car on the road, first in California and then in the Northeast. As national manager for fuel cell vehicles at Toyota Motor Sales, LaRocque is thinking strategically about how the rollout will work. The company will be building 3,000...

In 2010, Mercedes-Benz delivered a new B-Class F-Cell hydrogen car to its first U.S. customer, Vance Van Petten, executive director of the Producers Guild of America. According to Van Petten at the time, “As a long-time environmental advocate and supporter of sustainable production and eco-friendly transport, I’m...