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On April 19, Toyota launched Project Portal, which replaces diesel “dray” trucks at the Port of Los Angeles with special 670-horsepower Kenworth T-660s sporting not one but two fuel cells from the company’s Mirai.

The Honda Clarity Fuel Cell, now on sale in California, offers 68 MPGe combined and a $369 a month lease price--with $5,000 per year in free hydrogen included.

Under the joint venture Fuel Cell System Manufacturing, Honda and General Motors will each invest $42.5 million, hire 100 workers, and in 2020 begin producing the cells they developed at a GM factory in Michigan.

Loop Energy eFlow fuel cells were debuted this month in the form of a 56-kilowatt range-extender (REX) power module for heavy-duty electric trucks. Loop was formed in 2000, but only turned toward commercializing its fuel cells four years ago.

Nikola Motor is confidently working on the first 32 in what is a planned 364 hydrogen station build-out over the next five to seven years. The first stations will open in 2019.

Corporate America is embracing fuel cells—large stationary applications that generate low-cost, clean electricity, and sometimes have side benefits.

Petersen’s current Alternative Power exhibit features fuel-cell cars—including both the Honda Clarity and the Toyota Mirai. According to Petersen Curator Leslie Kendall, “We tried to pick the most common/popular sources of alternative energy being tested in cars today, and that includes the hydrogen fuel-cell. We then...

Fuel-cell cars are becoming the affordable choice, and low lease prices are combining with incentives to offset purchase and a host of perks--such as free fuel.

The fuel-cell taxis provide a clean transportation solution for the city.

The Simple Fuel consortium is the finalist for a $1 million competition (among six entrants), and it is already marketing its $200,000 to $250,000 hydrogen refueling station. The station will be publicly unveiled (and demonstrated with a so-far unnamed fuel-cell car) in Warminster, Pennsylvania on November 9.