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The hydrogen-powered sedanmade official appearances at two prominent motorsports events.

Hydrogen can be produced when the wind is most active, and stored for later use.

San Francisco will conduct training for hydrogen and fuel cell stakeholders in the region.

The technician said: “If anything, it felt like there was less work to do.”

The new Mirai in the works could be created in the same spirit as the Prius C.

India’s largest car company recognizes the country’s environmental challenges.

New England—and the broader northeast corridor—is vying to become the second region in the United States to establish hydrogen fueling infrastructure.

The long-distance feat was part of London’s Hydrogen Week.

There are now 12 retails stations available to fuel-cell car drivers in California, and eight more that are fully built.

Audi is using its battery-electric and hydrogen concept models to compare the trade-offs.