FuelCellCars.com is an independent site dedicated to reporting on the broad spectrum of fuel-cell cars, including vehicle introductions, making hydrogen (as well as pricing it) and hydrogen infrastructure (including the development of refueling networks). It was founded by Jim Motavalli and Bradley Berman.

Jim Motavalli writes on environmental topics for The New York Times, NPR’s Car Talk, AOL, Mother Nature Network and Autoweek. He is author or editor of six books, including Forward Drive: The Race to Build Clean Cars for the Future and High Voltage (about electric cars), which was published by Rodale late in 2011. He is also a senior writer for E/The Environmental Magazine, a contributor to the Environmental Defense Fund publications, Audubon, Success Magazine and Knowledge@Wharton at the University of Pennsylvania.

Bradley Berman is a leading writer and researcher about electric vehicles, car connectivity, and advanced automotive technology. He contributes articles to The New York Times, Fortune, Society of Automotive Engineers, MIT Technology Review, Popular Mechanics and eBay, where he edits the eBay Motors blog, which focuses on classic cars and automotive culture. Bradley was the founder of HybridCars.com and PluginCars.com, two influential consumer information websites about green car purchase decisions.

Some FuelCellCars.com content is licensed to Toyota for use on its website dedicated to hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, The Feed. The creation of that content, its subject matter and writing, is independent. The views and opinions expressed in those articles are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect those of Toyota USA, or other outlets publishing that content.


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